Mick van Buren (Fussball)

Mick van Buren (Fussball)

Jovanka Radičević (Handball)

Martin Harnik / Maxi Dittrich (Fußball)

Rico Preißinger/Visar Musliu (Fußball)

Glen Christiansen (Olympia-Schwimmer)

Jaroslav Drobný (Fußball)


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Jan Kocian + Yang Chen

G2C Sports Management GmbH

Q10 MAGIC POWER (Q-CELLPOWER) – Published at Cologne List!

With increasing physical and mental performance, increasing age or illness, the Q10 level in the blood and organs decreases. When exhausted due to stress and/or age or if micronutrient deficiencies exist, the body needs additional support. This is when additional energy and a quick boost of the energy metabolism is required.

Medical and scientific studies have shown that the co-enzymes Q10 and Q1 (NADH) are essential.


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